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march 03, 2020

Estação Mulher radio program with the Brazilian Paulo Henrique Correia talks about living in the "red zone". He lives in Turin, Italy. Psychotherapist Flávia Feijó talks about how we can protect ourselves from the natural anxiety we have when something different happens.

february 29, 2020

Estação Mulher radio program with activists Heloisa Galvao and Lidia Souza. Today's interviewee Ambassador Benedicto Fonseca Filho.

february 22, 2020

Lidia Souza and Heloisa Galvão will talk with Rosana Gijsen, from Health Care For All, about public benefits. Remember that the new rules for public benefits (public charge) come into force on Monday, the 24th. And more: testimony of Brazilian prisoner, new law "drive with your hands free", in effect on Sunday, 22nd, and a lot more.

february 15, 2020

Estação Mulher bringing lots of news and a fantastic guest Aceriane Leal, talking about IEP, Special Education here in the state of Massachusetts!

february 08, 2020

Today we talk about immigration, driver's license and more. a frank conversation with Heloiza Barbosa, Helena and Minerva we will talk about the importance of diversity and respect for the Trans Movement and respect for the LGBT population.

FEBRuary 08, 2020

Professor Sidney lecture.

January 25, 2020

Fania Antunes, Lidia Souza and Heloísa Galvão talk about situations that Brazilian women face when they live abroad.

January 11, 2020

Lidia Souza, from NECC, and Elisa Garibaldi, from Massachusetts Citizens Council, discuss perspectives in the area of ​​culture for 2020. 4th Film Series DigaAí opens with "Democracy in Vertigo" and Brazilian Women's Group celebrates 25 years of community work.

January 04, 2020

Lidia Souza, from NECC, and Elisa Garibaldi, from Massachusetts Citizens Council, run the first "Woman Station" of 2020 and talk about immigration, driver's license design, women's health and more.

NOVEMBER 30, 2019 – Faxina podcast producer and creator Heloiza Barbosa talks to “Estação Mulher” about this project that tells stories of Brazilian cleaning women. “Usually the cleaning women are invisible. We want to give voice to these women,” says Heloiza.

NOVEMBER 23, 2019 – Piedade Marques, coordinator of the Pernambuco,s Network of Black Women, talks about Black Awareness Day and reflects on the criminalization of black people and the young black people death rate.
Altamiran Ribeiro, regional coordinator of the Pastoral Land Commission in the MATOPI area, talks about the consequences of deforestation of the Brazilian “cerrado” by foreign investment companies.

NOVEMBER 02, 2019 – Exclusive testimony of a deported mother on the charter flight authorized by the Brazilian government on October 25. “We were told we were going to a shelter, we were sent to sign papers to go to a shelter. After the plane took off we were told we were going to Brazil. It was a general cry,” says the Brazilian who was alone with her youngest daughter of two years.

– OCTOBER 19, 2019 – Exclusive interview with researcher and activist Gabriela Barreto Lemos | She talks about her work as a physicist and her activism in the Women’s March and the feminist movement.

OCTOBER 05, 2019 – Learn everything about the 2020 Census Interview with Marcia Marques | expert on partnerships | She talks about her work with the Brazilian community and about the importance of answering the Census questionnaire.
Interview with Rita Mendes | Lawyer | She talks about why she is running for Brockton City Council elections.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2019 – Interview with Sara Branco | Human rights lawyer, project assistant at CEERT and a member of the Brazilian Black Rights Coalition | She spoke about the history, development and current moment of the black movement in Brazil.

AUGUST 31, 2019 – Direct from Altamira, the municipality hardest hit by the fires in the Amazon, “Estação Mulher” interviews forest engineer Jackson Dias, from the National Coordinator of the Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB). From Salvador, Daniela Mercury speaks to “Estação Mulher” exclusively for the show that will be held in Boston on Sunday, September 8th at the House of Blues of her career and recalls her mother’s influence in her life.

AUGUST 10, 2019 – Interview with psychiatrist Marcela de Almeida | Brigham & Women’s Hospital and a professor of psychiatry at Harvard University | The impact of immigration on people’s health and life Interview with councilwoman Margareth Shepard | politics and other killings in the United States Community news | The program of the 24th Brazilian Independence Festival in Boston.

JULY 27, 2019 – Community news | Immigration and school enrollment.
Interview with Erika Nascimento | Domestic violence survivor | Shares her story and how she managed to survive the violence
Brenda | from Geneva | Cultural event to be held in Boston, Modern Psalms.

JULY 20, 2019 – Community news | Bill of rights for Domestic Workers in Massachusetts | Learn how to get OSHA Workplace Accident Prevention certificate.
Interview with Margareth Shepard | Framingham Councilor | The City Council created a “Welcoming Immigrants” committee to help local immigrants feel safe in the community.

JULY 6, 2019 – Interview with Lidia Souza | New England Community Center (NECC) | Immigration and the arrest of children at the border.
Tiffany Joseph | Professor and Researcher | Is interviewing people to find out how the Trump government is influencing immigrants’ access to health services.

JUNE 1, 2019 – Interview with Glaucia Assis and Suely Siqueira | Brazilian researches on immigration.

MAY 18, 2019 – Community news | Brazilian worker, Elvis de Almeida Ribeiro, dies in an apparent industrial accident | Learn how to get OSHA Workplace Accident Prevention certificate
Public hearing | Domestic Workers Day and Massachusetts Coalition for Domestic Workers Interview with Ayala Dias Ferreira | The Landless Movement and the Far Right in Brazil.

APRIL 20, 2019 – Community news | Holistic Medicine with Danusa Aquino | Immigration Clinic with Hannah Krispin | Immigration Clinic with Greater Boston Legal Service lawyers.
Interview with Anna Rosinska | Visiting Researcher at University of Massachusetts | Studies about domestic workers.
Interview with Elisangela | domestic worker victim of harassment.

MARCH 30, 2019 – Community news | Aromatherapy session at BWG | Immigration Clinic at BWG | Film at “Espaço DigaAí” | Lídia talks about OSHA training on the prevention of worksite accident at BWG.
Interview with Jaqueline | Suport group to create baby interaction speaking Portuguese. Call 617 955 4815 or 617 202 5775 to know more.
Interview with Oscar Araripe | Pastic Artist | Invited to do an exposition at Brazil Conference 2019.

– MARCH 09, 2019 – Community news | Immigrant Day at State House
Interview with Ana Panori | Financial Advisor at Prudential & member of Brazilian Women’s Group Board | How Social Security works at United States.

MARCH 02, 2019 – Community news | Immigrant Day at State House and informations about what to do in case of worksite accidents
Interview with Beth Fernandes | Sexuality, transgender, women rights, and LGBTQ.

FEBRUARY 09, 2019 – Interview with Maria Amélia | Ph.D in Communication and Consumer Practices at ESPM, in São Paulo, with a sandwich at Boston College. She is analyzing the discourses about women in Brazilian soap operas
Interview with Luciana Silva | Brazilian woman who just received American citizenship
Monika Liborio-Walker | Cambridge College | School of Psychology and Counseling – talks about what it’s like to be Brazilian, woman, immigrant, and person of color.

JANUARY 31, 2019 – Interview with attorney Catarina Zuccaro, who lives in Porto, Portugal. She explains why so many Brazilians are emigrating to Portugal, including many senior citizens, and what it takes to become documented.

JANUARY 19, 2019 – Framingham city council Margareth Shepard talks about one year in office as the first Brazilian woman to be elected for office in the U.S. and economist Alvaro Lima explains what the shutdown means for our communities.

JANUARY 12, 2019 – Discusses the causes and consequences of the federal government shutdown and organizer Lidia Ferreira talks about workers’ rights and workers’ compensation. What do you do when you have an accident at work?

October 13, 2018 – National Domestic Workers Congress in Atlanta. Lidia Ferreira talks about her new book, in which she discusses domestic violence issues. Interview with Professor James Naylor Green | Department of History | Brown University
October 6, 2018.

December 16, 2017 – Interview with Senator James B. Eldridge | Massachusetts Legislature. Interview with Marcone Almeida
December 2, 2017 – Interview with Maria Helena Macedo | Vice Consul | Consulate General of Brazil in Boston
November 24, 2017 – Interview with Lidia Souza | New England Community Center | Opioid abuse (medicine addiction)
August 12, 2017 – Interview with Cleisiane Oliveira and Marion Dunn | The Community Family, Everett. Interviw with Jesse F. Branth | Cambridge Health Alliance
August 5, 2017 – Immigration | Interview with the lawyer Hannah Krispin. Brazil studies | Interview with Madeleine Cousineau | Sociologist
July 29, 2017 – Interview with Pablo Maia | Framingham Candidate
July 8, 2017 – Veléria do Vale speach | Speaker at 22° Brazilian Women’s Group Aniversary. Interview with Tiffany Joseph | Immigrants Health Care
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