Our Members

“I became interested in the Coop mainly because of the natural products. Working in the health field in Brazil, I acquired valuable knowledge of products that could benefit your health. Once I learned about the cooperative, and the independence I would also gain by becoming a part of it, I thought it would be the best job for me. I know how good it is to work with natural cleaning products, and the difference it can make in your life.”
Adriana Nunes

"For me the Vida Verde gave me many opportunities. I have gained independence, I have met wonderful new women whom cooperate with one another. I can only say I am truly thankful for this wonderful project.”
Carla Bonassi

"The cooperative was a light in the midst of the darkness of my life. My life completely changed as soon as I joined it the cooperative. Not only does it help me financially but it also encourages me to preserve my own health, because of the natural cleaning products that we use.”
Eni Abreu

“I can say that this cooperative has made a huge difference in my life. Before coming to the coop I was exploited and had to work long hours. Now, I have a great job that not only helps me financially but also protects my health."
Karla Da Silva

"I was exploited when I was a cleaning company employee. Most employers do not seem to be aware that we are human beings. Today, I am no longer exploited neither have any health problems because I just use our natural cleaning products. The cooperative also taught me that you can make a better world and it stirred my desire to work more in my community. I understand that the cooperative is the solution to end the exploitation at work. Because of this, I love what I do."
Lucimara Rodrigues

The cooperative brought my work autonomy and improved my health. Besides increasing my income, I overcame two abortions I had while I was using chemical cleaning products and my daughter was born very healthy in late 2009.
Maria Aparecida Ribeiro

”I was already tired of cleaning with chemical products when a friend of mine who had received training from the Cooperative told me about the project and the natural products that she had learned to make. At first, I thought the products wouldn’t clean well enough, but when I took the training and got my cleaning kit, I was pleasantly surprised: they are very effective.”
Ruth Alves

“The cooperative for me has been the best thing that has happened. It gave me independence at work by being able to create my own schedule and not having someone exploiting me. Also, I get the chance to participate and show my support in many events within my community. Most importantly though, I get the chance to protect my health by working with only natural cleaning products. I can only say that the Vida Verde has changed my life."
Valdirene Oliveira