Our Standard Cleaning Services Include:

- Remove cobwebs
- Polish mirrors
- Empty trash
- Vacuum, dust, and mop throughout the house
- Clean the foyer

- Clean inside of microwave
- Remove spots from cabinets and refrigerator door
- Clean stovetop
- Wash walls at eye level
- Clean electrical appliances
- Scour the sink

- Clean the bathtub
- Remove mold and mildew
- Scour the sink
- Disinfect the entire toilet

Services available for additional fees:
- Clean inside refrigerator
- Ovens
- Windows
- Laundry

*To protect floors & furniture we only clean behind and under dressers, couches, etc; when these have been moved beforehand.

We use environmentally friendly products, which have been tested by the University of Massachusetts - Lowell Toxic Use Reduction Institute to ensure their safety and effectiveness. If we detect the need to use strong products - for instance, in a first cleaning or in houses that are under construction - we will consult with the client first. Vida Verde will provide all cleaning products. The client just needs to provide paper towels and trash bags.

We also offer commercial cleaning.