Our Customers' Testimonials

Giusi Chiri - Cambridge, MA

“I have been using this company every week for several months and I have very happy with the level of service. The person who comes to my house is efficient and very thorough. I love the products that she uses, they are non-toxic and the house smells and looks great when she's finished. It has been a great relieve to have found this company!”

Kathy V - Cambridge, MA

“I have used Vida Verde service for 1.5 years, and I am 100% satisfied with each and every cleaning. What I like the most is the dependability of my cleaner - she is there exactly as scheduled, every time. I am totally satisfied with the quality of cleaning, and the gentle scents of the cleansers. Having Vida Verde service saves me so much time!”

Sarah W.

“I am looking forward to coming home every time our cleaning lady Ruth was in our home. Besides being impeccably clean, the apartment smells nice without any "chemical-clean" smell. It gives me peace of mind that I know there are no substances used that might be harmful for me or my baby!”

E. - Cambridge, MA

“We’ve been thrilled with Vida Verde. Not only are they less expensive than the alternatives, they’re responsible, professional and friendly on top of being ecologically friendly.”

Melanie & Wes - Newton, MA

“Excellent work, very thorough!”

Erin - Cambridge, MA

“Coming home on a cleaning day is ridiculously exciting. It smells great and my stove has never been so clean!”

R. - Arlington MA

The reason I signed on with Vida Verde is that the products don’t use chemicals. The Cleaner is reliable and thorough. I have pets, so I feel comfortable knowing that the products are not full of chemicals.”

M. - Newton, MA

“I am pleased to have selected Vida Verde for my home cleaning needs. They are capable and effective. I also find them warm, trust and friendly to have in my home. And I feel good about the cleaning products they bring with them.”

R. - Cambridge, MA

“Thank you. Friendly and Helpful!”

Pat - Somerville, MA

“Very professional extremely thorough. Our house has never been so completely clean!”

C. - Belmont, MA

“Very Happy with the attention to details and throughness of the Cleaner. Daurene is a lovely person.”

Nora - Jamaica Plain, MA

“Every time I come home after a cleaning my house is impeccably clean and fresh smelling. The work quality is very high. I wish I could afford Vida Verde’s services more often.”

A. - Dorchester, MA

“Thank you for the service - We just started, it has been good!”

Anna - Cambridge, MA

"We just love Sandra’s cleaning and her work here! Your program/business is an awesome concept."

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