The Vida Verde Women's Coop is committed to encourage people to switch from toxic to green cleaning products. For this reason, we run workshops where we talk about how harmful the chemicals can be for our health and how easy it is to make and to use the non-toxic cleaning products. The Vida Verde cleaning products have been rigorously examined by the University of Massachusetts-Lowell Toxic Use Reduction Institute to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Therefore, unlike most traditional cleaning agents, they pose no dangers to the health of our Coop housecleaners and to their clients.

In the last eight years, we have trained over 1,000 women and some men, mostly in Portuguese but also in Spanish and English. We have also spread the word to the American society and other ethnic groups in the United States about green products. Vida Verde members have presented at the U.S. Social Forum (Detroit, 2010), the National Domestic Workers Alliance Conference (California 2009, Washington D.C, 2011, 2012), and overseas (Denmark 2008).

If you are interested in having our training in your community, your house, church, or attend one of our sessions at the Brazilian Women's Group, please contact us.

Trainings are free of charge but we ask for a donation of $5..